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Dog Training at Home

Having a full grown dog is definitely a good investment because they bring out the best in you and your family. You, as the pack leader want to make sure that the bond between you both are in mutual agreement. Yuki's Golden Paw Rules Dog Training Academy has the experience in helping you keep or regain that bond between you and your furry pal.

Dog Behavior Modification

Have you ever heard of the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"?
If so, then Yuki will teach you the opposite and show that an old dog can be taught new things.

As an experienced trainer working at dog shelters and residences, Yuki has retrained abused, abandoned and even distressed dogs into lovable household pets. Yuki has determined that analyzing the problem(s) and the environment associated with the dog helps her carry out rehabilitation training of the new or established furry family member.

Yuki's tried and tested method of in-home training provides a learning experience that promotes a healthy, one-to-one and family relationship of understanding your pet, correcting behaviors and limiting potential problems you may encounter in the future. If your dog has separation anxiety, excitement issues, aggressiveness, nipping/mouthing or any other unruly behaviorial issues, Yuki can help you fix those problems associated with your family pet.

So, save your gas and prepare for the best personal training you can expect in the comfort of your home.

Puppy Training General Information | Basics

puppy training at your home no shock e collar training
No electric collar, leash yanking correction nor any physical contact causing pain to your pet is ever used with Yuki's Golden Paw Rules Dog Training Academy.
puppy training information

The training specializes in using postive reinforcement techniques.
Our training comprises of:
* Understanding the behaviors of your dog
* Understanding the relationship/interaction between you and your dog
* Demonstrate commands and distinguish between good and bad behaviors
* Encourage your dog and you, the owner to practice what you have both learned.

Our Fees are based on hourly sessions starting at $80 per hour.

We offer a package deal of 7 hourly sessions for 7 weeks (1 hour session per week) for $520.
So, if your furry pal has issues, feel free to contact Yuki today!

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